UPGRADED!! 3.10m OUTDOOR Menorah

- Taller menorah reaches 3.1 meter with extending option of extra 50cm
- Divided in parts for easy storage and moving 
- Extra stability to withstand winds and rain
- A center sign space to add a logo.

Height: 3.10m
- Width: 2.65m
- Weight:  65kg
- Made of aluminium with a silver finish

This menorah is shipped in 4 boxes ready to assemble.
Boxes dimensions are:
(1) L 175cm x W 45cm x H 20cm.  Weight 24kg
(2) L 185cm x W 65cm x H 10cm.  Weight 14kg
(3) L 100cm x W 30cm x H 30cm.  Weight 6.5kg
(4) L 160cm x W 65cm x H 20cm.  Weight 16kg

You have the possibility to light the Menorah with:

     >   Led lights 
     >   Kerosene lantern and fiberglass wick      
     >   Hard petroleum candles

The price of the Menorah does not include shipping.
Please contact our office for shipping price.

Instructions for Assembling 3.10m. Menorah

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This Large 3.10m Menorah, truly a spectacular masterpiece most suitable for major outdoor Chanukah events and large public lightings.

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