Menorah Outdoor de 2.85 M

The Large 2.85 Meter Outdoor Menorah is more than just a menorah. 
It’s a statement!

Works wonderfully in large indoor spaces like shopping malls or every outdoor setting such as city-halls, city squares, parks etc.
Dimensions:  2.85m high x 2.85m wide.   Weighs:  20 kg.
The Menorah comes in two boxes for you to assemble. It’s made of aluminium with a silver finish.

You have the possibility to light the Menorah with:
 *  Led lights 
 *  Kerosene lantern and fiberglass wick      
 *  Hard petroleum candles


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Description du produit

This Large 2.85 Meter Menorah, truly a spectacular masterpiece most suitable for major outdoor Chanukah events and large public lightings.

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Informations complémentaires
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