European organization Bassad

The organization Bassad was established in 1998 in light of the demand from the rabbis and communities’ heads of Europe to provide them with tools that will help them with instilling a basic Jewish identity in their community members for the Jewish holidays and throughout the year.

The organization Bassad took upon itself the initiative and began to produce high quality Jewish products, from books and pamphlets in a variety of languages to Judaica products for the holidays of Tishrei, Chanukkah, Tu Bishvat, Purim and Pessach, Kits for youths and adults and Judaica for the Jewish home as; Teffilin, Mezuzot, Torah scrolls, Tallit and Tsitsit to kosher food all the time aiming to achieve accessibility and quality at a subsidized price.

As of today, we provide assistance and service to more than 650 Jewish communities in 40 different countries. These communities are EU member states as well as neighboring countries like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Morocco, Switzerland and Belarus.

Over the years, the organization has become an address to all community affairs as it developed in a number of areas. The developments are the offering of educational materials for kindergartens and schools, donations for the establishment of educational projects and projects for the disabled ect.

The organization was established in Belgium, the center of the European continent, in order to be able to provide the logistic response needed with maximum availability and efficiency.