The Bassad Organization

Bassad organization was founded in 1998 in light of the great demand from Jewish communities throughout Europe due to the lack of basic Jewish identity on Jewish holidays.

The organization took upon itself  the idea, production and marketing of high-quality Jewish subsidized products from festivals through the month of Tishrei, Chanukah, Tu B'Shvat, Purim, Passover, activities for teenagers and adults, and Judaica products for the Jewish home: Tefillin, Mezuzah Torah scrolls, prayer shawls and tassels, kosher food and anything that can help the Jewish community in every corner of Europe.

Our products are available in 10 European languages.

We now help more than 500 communities from 40 countries ranging from Turkey and Cyprus to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, Russia and Ukraine to Italy, Hungary and Slovenia.

The organization is located in  Belgium, so that it should be in  the center of the European continent to meet your logistical availability and maximum efficiency.